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Help us achieve this by joining Paragon Partnerships and collaborate with us to build a better future.

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Paragon was created to infuse insights that will help to tackle the 17-point plan of the UN Global Goals - end poverty, combat climate change, and fight injustice and inequality around the world.

A single government or organisation cannot find the solutions to these global challenges. Our only hope is to work in partnership, where everyone plays their part.

  • Governments have the highest quality macro level data about the state of the world, its economy and resources.
  • NGOs have the most committed and passionate teams working to improve the human condition.
  • Academia has the smartest thinkers capable of analysing the causes of the challenges facing humanity.
  • 最新免费ssr飞机场 interact with and analyse the behaviours and opinions of billions of people every year, providing a unique source of insight into the human condition.
  • 小飞机翻墙 android leverage that information to sharpen the focus of their sustainability initiatives.

Paragon brings them together in partnership; Research Companies and their Clients generate and provide access to quality insights on the issues that the world is facing, helping Governments, Academics and NGO’s around the world to accomplish their goals.

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The Paragon Partnership Structure

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A steering committee made up of clients, research agencies, academics, NGOs and government partners will convene on a quarterly basis to agree on 3 key questions aligned to the UN Global Goals.

These questions will be segmented by country clusters and added to any research conducted by the agencies for their clients during that quarter.

This will enable the generation of granular data and insights on the issues affecting people around the world, and in their day-to-day lives.

The data will be hosted on a single platform to democratise the information and facilitate a simple and user-friendly access.

The data will be accessible to anyone and everyone who is signed up to the Paragon initiative, allowing them to formulate fact-based programmes for creating a brighter future.

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Who is involved?

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  • Unilever
  • PepsiCo
  • Kantar Group
  • Nielsen N.V.
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  • Save The Children
  • SapientNitro
  • 最新免费ssr飞机场
  • Metrixlab
  • 小飞机免费节点
  • Gates Foundation
  • 最新免费ssr飞机场
  • 免费小飞机
  • Project Everyone
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  • Motivaction
  • Big Sofa
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